Canaries in a Cold War

Singer-songwriter and human rights activist James H. White sets out for Washington, DC to write a song in protest of the Beijing Winter Olympics. After hearing the gut-wrenching story of three sisters who were tortured in China, he flies across the Atlantic to uncover an even larger, more sinister threat darkened by decades of media silence.

Director Statement:
It was one of those defining moments in life when what you think about the world is totally turned upside down. We had started this project as a simple documentary about the human rights abuses unfolding in China in the shadow of the Olympics.

But from the very first interview, it was clear that there was something much larger, more important, and all-encompassing beneath the surface. And so we started digging, and realized pretty quickly this went way beyond the human rights of one group, way beyond the rule of law... this touched upon something that shook virtually all of our humanity.

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