Real Middle Earth

Tartaria: The Real Middle Earth? [Ep. 4]

Were centaurs real? Was Lord of the Rings a documentary? Do old books and maps reveal the truth about places like Antarctica once being warm and inhabited by miraculous creatures? Edge of Wonder journeys into ancient technology and fantastic history that the Communists didn’t want you to ever know about Tartaria.

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Tartaria Marco Polo’s Magical Creatures

Tartaria: Marco Polo’s Magical Creatures [Ep. 3]

Marco Polo’s fantastic tales are thought of as fiction. But what did he really see in Kublai Khan’s Mongolian Empire? Were Marco Polo’s tales of unicorns, dog people, and magicians controlling the weather really true? Do the creatures drawn on ancient maps actually corroborate his stories? And why might it all have been covered up? […]

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Giant Cover Up

Tartaria: The Giant Cover-Up [Ep. 2]

Ancient architecture may hold the secrets to Tartaria’s hidden past. Why have old, intricate buildings been bulldozed and remade into “modern” designs? Did a “mud flood” bury evidence of a history that was literally covered up by sludge? Is there proof that giants not only existed, but also walked among us even in modern times? […]

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The Secret World

Tartaria: The Secret World [Ep. 1]

Tartaria: a lost ancient civilization or a deliberately covered up empire? Based on old maps and declassified CIA documents, the story is stranger than most people imagine. Were humanoid giants, strange creatures, ancient artifacts, and even electricity all a part of Tartaria’s past? Why did the Soviet Communists want to erase any trace of its […]

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