Spooky Phenomena

World’s Most Haunted Village, Phantom “Hat Man” & Addams Family “Thing” Real? Best Ghost Stories


Vanishing Vessels Around the World: Ghost Ships That Still Haunt the Seas [Part 2]


The Bermuda Triangle & Ghost Ships That Still Haunt the Seas [Part 1]


Creatures of the Night, World’s Oldest Ghost, Time Travel Mysteries & Top Halloween World Records


Friday the 13th: Bigfoot Sighted, Ring of Fire in the Sky, Templars & Unlucky History


Scary Hauntings, Vanishings & a Message in a Tombstone


Interdimensional Portals, Mining Superstitions & Tommyknocker Sightings: Cave Creatures [Part 1]


Abandoned Dudleytown in the Dark Entry Forest & a Generational Curse: Remote Viewing Data [Part 2]


Dr. Frankenstein Lived in Ohio? Mystery of the Melon Heads & Mad Scientist Experimentation [Part 1]

The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run: Cleveland Torso Murders


Immortal St. Germain Never Aged Past 45? Lemurians, Vampires & Serial Killers Converge at Mt. Shasta [Part 10]


Mystery Spots in America: Curses, Hauntings, Gravity Anomalies & Vortexes [Part 2]


Mystery Spots in America: Unexplained Phenomena & Gravity Anomalies [Part 1]


Metaphysical Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle’s Curious Creatures: Bigfoot, Dogman & Talking Mystery Beast? [Part 4]


Metaphysical Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle’s Paranormal Sightings: UFOs, Phantom Orb Lights & Ghosts [Part 3]


The Bridgewater Triangle: Terrifying Cults, Serial Murders & Things That Don’t Add Up [Part 2]


The Bridgewater Triangle’s True Nature Revealed: Paranormal Swamp Energy Phenomena & More [Part 1]


Staircases to Nowhere [Part 2]


Staircases to Nowhere [Part 1]


The Story Behind 1899: What Really Happened to Cursed Ship Mary Celeste?


Order of the Dragon

Vlad the Impaler & The Order of the Dragon [Part 2]


Mysterious & Unexplained

David Paulides Reveals All About Missing 411: The Hunted [Part 1]


Werewolf Occult Origins From Dark Historic Reports & Stories


Deep State’s Salem Witch Trials: Occult Magic Horror Story No One Is Telling [Part 1]

Witches and magic have fascinated people for years, but is it really possible for people to take advantage of these unknown arts and create tangible enchantments on unsuspecting people? Why are people so fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials? Does it connect to anything deeper? Is there any truth to what took place in Salem […]

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5 Real Stories of Witches: Salem Witch Trials [Part 2]

In our last episode we showed that there was more evidence of the Salem Witch Trials being connected to a global elite operation and having more truth than any of us previously realized. This halloween not only did we discover connections to the occult, but it seems the mass hysteria triggered by these events was […]

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Halloween’s Dark, Occult History No One Will Tell You About: Who’s Really Being Tricked?

On Halloween, children will dress up as superheroes, monsters, princesses, pirates, and more, and visit neighbors to beg for candy. But what really are the true occult origins of modern Halloween and how far does this go back into history? We will take you to Lilith from 4,000 years ago, to the Celtics, to the […]

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Real Vampire Reveals How it All Works

We all know Dracula and Buffy the Vampire Slayer but there are real people who have admitted to being part of the Vampire Satanic Society. Hold on to your fangs and bring holy water, real Vampires are right around the corner! In this 3rd Episode of Maps and Myths we take you to the Edge […]

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Vlad VS Dracula

Vlad the Impaler & Dracula [Part 1]

Vampires are just in the movies. They’re not based on a real life monster… right? What truths are lurking in our legends? Vlad the Impaler was not just known for his war tactics. Some say that he was also the world’s first vampire—Dracula. But is it all just a “batty” tale? Or are the movies […]

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Order of the Dragon

Vlad the Impaler & The Order of the Dragon [Part 2]

What if tales of vampires didn’t begin with Dracula? What if their origins go much, much deeper… to a Secret Order? How has the Order of the Dragon lurked in the shadows? Did they fly away into the night? Or perhaps, they’ve been hiding in plain sight… for millennia.

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Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler, A Bloody Legacy [Part 3]

Why do the royals love Vlad the Impaler? What’s so special about Transylvania? And why can’t Queen Elizabeth eat garlic? How are bloodlines, serial killers, and vampires tied to Vlad the Impaler? And what bone chilling details could have to do with… the End of the World? We’re DYING to show you what we found….

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Immortal St. Germain Never Aged Past 45? Lemurians, Vampires & Serial Killers Converge at Mt. Shasta [Part 10]

Part 10: Did you know that there have been sightings of an immortal known as St. Germain in the Mt. Shasta area? Did you know that this being has been seen in some very strange places over the centuries and has some even stranger (and maybe impossible) characteristics? When you hear John Vivanco’s remote viewing […]

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